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Drilling a well is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, experience, and the proper tools to get the job done right. Many factors can affect how successful your drilling project will be. The terrain of the land you’re drilling on, how deep you want to drill, and what type of water supply you need all play a role in determining what kind of equipment you’ll need for your project. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! This blog post will discuss everything there is to know about well drilling so that when it’s time for your next project, you’ll have all the information necessary to do it properly from start to finish!

Well drilling is a process of drilling into the ground to find water. The two types of methods for well drilling are vertical and horizontal drilling – essentially penetrating deeper by going straight down (vertical) versus tangential in between the surface layers (horizontal). When you need fresh drinking water, it makes sense to drill a deep hole because wells drilled closer to groundwater sources tend to produce more reliable flows than shallower wells. Horizontal drilling allows access points right at the top, so they’re ideal if you only want access to rainwater instead of natural freshwater from aquifers below the surface.

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Vertical drilling works best when you need access to water from an aquifer beneath a shallow layer of soil, but with less risk for contamination than if done horizontally. When well drilling vertically, it’s important to find out what type of rock is below your property – whether limestone or shale primarily determines how deep and extensive the drill needs to go in order to reach groundwater sources. Limestone wells are typically shallower, so they’re ideal for residences that don’t have land space available on their grounds because there’s no need for a lengthy hole like there would be with shale, which can sometimes run as deep as 300 feet underground! The trade-off though is that while limestone may require less depth, it also yields significantly lower volumes of water than a shale well.
It’s important to consider the availability of groundwater in your area and how much you expect to use before deciding which type of drilling is best for you. For example, suppose there are two homes on your property with one having an existing limestone well that only provides enough water for both houses. In that case, it might be preferable to drill another limestone or shallow depth well rather than deep-shale wells just because they’re cheaper! If you live near rivers or streams, surface water may provide all the necessary hydration, so deeper drilling isn’t as feasible.
A few other factors aid in determining when a new well should be drilled – whether pollution has contaminated nearby sources (like leaky septic tanks), changes in water usage and the type of well that is already in place.

Types Of Wells

Residential Wells

Residential well drilling usually only requires a depth of 100 feet. It is also much less expensive than commercial wells, making it an attractive option for those with relatively shallow water sources in the ground that do not require high levels of output and pressure. They typically take just one day to complete but may need some minor repairs afterward (depending on how deep they go). With residential wells, water can still be accessed in areas where the ground is not as deep, and there are no significant issues with groundwater levels. It’s also much less expensive than commercial wells, making it an attractive option for those with relatively shallow water sources that do not require high levels of output and pressure.

Commercial Wells

Drilling for commercial purposes can be done in several different ways depending on the desired depth. For example, if you are interested in drilling to depths greater than 1000 feet below ground level, your best option is deep well drilling. If you are only seeking shallow groundwater sources, such as a spring or an aquifer that sits atop bedrock and sand layers near the surface – then jack-and-borehole techniques may work better for you.

Irrigation Wells

Irrigation wells are often drilled to supply water for agricultural purposes. Irrigational well drilling is also an excellent option for people who need an emergency source of fresh drinking water, but do not want the expense and hassle of installing traditional plumbing systems. These wells typically require a high production rate in order to supply adequate water to the crop or turf watering system.

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Advantages of Water Wells

  • There are many advantages to drilling a water well. One of the most obvious is that it provides clean, safe drinking water for an entire community or household.
  • The installation process itself can be completed in just one day and requires minimal upkeep over time, so you will save money on utility costs and have peace of mind knowing your family has reliable access to fresh water at all times.
  • The drilling process is also a great option for any location with shallow water sources and does not require high output or pressure levels.

Installation Process

You will need permission before you start digging, so make sure you consult all relevant authorities beforehand. The next step in the process is leveling out ground areas where construction will occur and ensure all utility lines have been moved away from the drilling location. The well casing is then drilled into the ground and lined with a protective coating, while pump equipment is installed inside of it. Once all work on this project has been completed, your water supply will be set up to begin pumping clean water out of the earth’s depths for you!

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