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Perhaps it isn’t well drilling that you are in search of? We provide many other services with regards to water wells. Our company believes in not just producing water from the ground but delivering clean pressurized water to your tap. Water can be smelly, coloured, or even corrosive when not treated properly. For that reason we also provide water treatment services. This starts with sampling and testing the water during the initial flow-back. It can change over time though so it is important to routinely monitor its condition.

Conditions change beneath the ground surface and so will the casing of your well over time. Simply looking at the well at the surface isn’t adequate to ensure your well is in good condition. It is recommended to have annual inspections done which can include the use of a down-hole camera to take a look at what is really going on. It is not uncommon to find a partially collapsed casing and if it springs a leak, your entire well can become contaminated. We don’t recommend waiting until a failure to have your well inspected.

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Have you noticed a sudden change in your water conditions? If your pressure has fallen it is possible that the underground piping has a leak in it. We advise pacing that area for ground moisture as tree roots are known to cause holes in it.

If it is actually just a change in smell or colour it is possible that your well has a bacteria issue. Our technicians have experience with shock chlorination to kill it and restore it to its original condition.

Getting the reputation that we have as a well drilling company in Miami comes with years of delivering second to none customer service. We are available 24/7 because we know how important your wells are. By providing all of the essential well services you know when you call us during an emergency that we have the equipment and knowledge to solve the problem. Don’t ever hesitate to call us in the event that something seems not quite right as it is better safe then sorry. We will always happily answer the phone and do our best to resolve any issues.

Services That We Offer

Well Drilling Service, FL

Well Drilling

Well drilling is a service that is best left to professionals. There are several types of wells that are commonly drilled including: residential, agricultural, commercial, and municipal water wells, monitoring wells, and geothermal wells. Prior to drilling a well, it is unknown the quality and quantity of water that will come from it. For that reason it is important to drill the well at the location where it has the best chance of success rather than convenience. There are several techniques used to determine the best location and depth.

Well Inspections in Miami, FL

Well Inspections

There are a few reasons that a well inspection should take place. The first being the purchase of a piece of property. It is important to know the quality and condition of the well to understand immediate or future added expenses in the event of an issue. It is also advised to have an inspection if there is a sudden change in water flow rate or smell and odor. Lastly, it is a good idea to routinely have it checked out as sometimes issues can be prevented if detected early.
Well Pump Repair in Miami, FL

Well Pump Repair

Well pumps do not last forever and do occasionally need repair. There is never a good time for a well pump failure. Unfortunately with submersible pumps it requires retrieving it from the well. If it is a common pump like a Goulds or Grundfos, parts and replacements are readily available and downtime should be minimal. We fix nearly any make and model of pump and recognize that it is necessary to get it back up and running as soon as possible.
Water Treatment Miami, FL

Water Treatment

Well water isn’t necessarily fit for human consumption directly from the well. For that reason water treatment is almost always necessary. The new systems can include acid neutralizers, iron filters, and UV sterilizers. It is important that your water is regularly tested to be sure that it isn’t unsafe and will does not deteriorate the plumbing of the home or facility. When the well water is treated properly it can be scentless, colourless and taste great. Contact us to find out more about our water filtration and softener offerings.

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Water Well Drilling Services In South Florida

Our Approach

We provide a complete line of water well services to the Miami Florida area so you can get it all with a single call. Our drillers have the experience to drill the highest flowing, structurally sound wells in the area. That comes with quality equipment and taking the time to drill the well at the best depth and location possible. We can take care of everything involved, all the way from the initial permitting and surveying, to the final plumbing connection. The benefit of water well drilling in the area for years is we are well aware of the formations, ground water and drilling conditions. This knowledge then is passed on in savings due to drilling efficiency and techniques that are dialed in right from the start.

Water is a vital part of your life and day to day activities. It is relied upon for drinking, bathing, cleaning, landscaping and much more. Why trust just anyone with such an important commodity? We stand behind our abilities and guarantee that we will drill the best well possible on your property. It is a major purchase and should thus be treated that way.

Water Well Drilling Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Drilling a well typically costs a minimum of $15 per foot. There are other factors that affect the price which include the depth, location, and diameter of the well. If the driller encounters rock or an underground issue while drilling the cost will likely rise.
Well drilling involves the use of a rotary rig which is usually mounted on the back of a truck. It uses an auger and extensions to drill into the ground. A hydraulic motor rotates the auger. Once the hole is drilled, PVC or metal casing, and a pump are then installed in the hole.
A well can be drilled anywhere on your property unless there is a state or city regulation. There are locations where it isn’t advised due to contamination.